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Breathwork Coaching Giveaway!

This is the perfect opportunity to make a positive change in someone's life. Nominate someone today to win one of three incredible 90-day breathwork coaching experiences. Click the link below to discover more and take the step towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Change is hard...

until it isn't

Change seems hard when you lack the skills that make it easy.

There are only 3 steps in making any change:

Get clear on what you want (spoiler alert: it might not be what you think!)

Get out of your own way (every other obstacle is an illusion)

Get in gear (because action is magic)

That's it! Master those 3 moves and change will never be hard again. Each step in this formula requires certain tools, the most important of which is a deep connection to your authentic self. Once you've got that girl in your corner, you're unstoppable. do you get there? That's where I come in! I'm a professional change agent and a passionate leader of women. As an alignment coach, I offer my sisters permission, provocation, and powerful tools to find their authentic center & rule joyfully from that space. Hello, Step 1! From this home base, we just repeat Steps 2 & 3 until the life you've been dreaming of is the life you're actually living.

No more guilt, confusion, or obligation. Absolutely no burnout or drama. Just you, living the life that feels simple and simply amazing!


Ready to learn more? Schedule a free call to explore what the 3 steps look like for you!


What clients say


Jean, Solopreneur

A life coach is someone who asks you the right questions so you can call YOURSELF out on your own bullshit. Deb does this beautifully and will have you thinking you did it all on your own. She's THAT good! Your secrets are safe with her, you'll never feel judged and she can work miracles in just a few sessions. Highly recommend!

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Hilary, Attorney

I can't believe how easily things are sliding into place, and I 100% know it's the coaching paired with positive action.

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Amy, Marketing Maven

I came to Deb needing major changes in my life. Within weeks, she helped me quit my 8-5 job, jump both feet into my business, reclaim JOY in my life, and so much more! I can honestly say that I wouldn't be living my dreams right now if it weren't for Deb and her incredible coaching skills.

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Meet Deb Penner

March, 2023

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Free goods

I share some of my best tips, tricks, and techniques with my email followers. Get you some of that!

Because tools are awesome. Almost as awesome as you!

When you know your core values, creating changes gets a whole lot clearer. Check out this core values exercise.

Burnout is the enemy of easy living (and a direct result of losing your authenticity). This 30-page workbook will help you start fighting the fire. 

Who doesn't need a little help with boundaries? Take this boundary quiz to see if your skills are solid or need some shoring up. 

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