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About the Event

A soul stirring, heart opening, ass kicking retreat for women under the big sky of Montana

Join a powerful team of purpose-filled women for an unbelievable 3 days of growth, learning, healing, and connection as we reclaim the feminine under the beautiful big sky in Butte, Montana. Reclaim your connections--to the divine, your intuition, and your experience. Reclaim your relationships--with the Earth, the people around you, yourself. Reclaim your body--through food, movement, breath.

You'll experience healing and teaching from a wide variety of practitioners carefully cultivated to bring you back to yourself and all that it means to be a woman. Each retreat features a different cadre of leaders; past presenters have included authors, yoginis, Reiki masters, mediums, coaches, nurses, entrepreneurs, therapists, dancers, sound healers, and more.


Your ticket includes 3 days of programming, a mocktail mixer on Friday evening, dinner on Saturday, and lunch Saturday and Sunday.

You will also receive a custom journal and other superb surprises at check-in!

Fall retreat October 14-16
See the full schedule here

Get your tickets while you can!
Only available through 10/1

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Our Location

Homestake Lodge

Homestake Lodge is located about 20 minutes outside of Butte at the top of Homestake Pass on a gorgeous property that is surrounded by national forest. Our secluded Lodge and cabins offer a special getaway experience where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountains.


We have 3 cabins that sleep 2,4, and 6 respectively each with a queen bed and two cabins with additional beds. Our cabins more like beautiful houses that have high quality comforters, bathrooms with on demand hot water, and a kitchen. These are offered at a special retreat attendee rate of $120, $130, and $140 per night plus tax depending on the cabin that you choose.  


We also have a yurt that is spacious and can sleep 6. It does not have running water or electricy but lanterns and a large jug of water are provided and the water runs into a sink like a faucet. It has cozy comforters and is either a 1/3 mile walk from the main lodge or a short drive. It is heated with a wood stove, firewood provided. Please bring a towel to shower in the main lodge.


Our main lodge where the retreat will be held also has 2 rooms available for overnight lodging. The main floor room has a queen bed, three twins and a full and is set up with bedding and towels. The bunk room upstairs has 12 beds, all twin plus one full and those beds are made with a fitted sheet, pillow and pillow case and we ask you to bring a sleeping bag and towel for showering. The main lodge does have wonderful bathrooms and showers. These rooms will be offered at a retreat attendee rate of $200 per room.


Please call 406-284-1725 for more info or to book your lodging, you can text that number and request photos of cabins/lodge/yurt.

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Past Event Highlights

Meet Your Host


Deb Penner

Deb is the owner and CEO of Drops in the Bucket, LLC. A professional change agent for more than 15 years, Deb's passion lies in seeing women create the results they want in every area of their lives. As a life coach, Deb gives women permission, provocation, and powerful tools to find their authentic center so they can start living joyfully from that space. Her straight forward style and insightful observation allow her to create a caring but challenging space for her clients to explore who they truly want to be in the world.

Along with healing women, Deb loves to bring them together, creating various forms of the tribe that is missing from so many women's hearts and lives. FEnomenon was born in 2021 when Deb and her friend Amy Lowney started talking about ways to help women who wanted a transition in their professional lives. As the two talked about a workshop for a few specific ladies, Amy said the words that started it all...why do something for 5 or 6 women when we can do something for all women?

Just like that, a retreat was born! FEnomenon reflects the best of what Deb loves to offer her sisters--community, passion, learning, challenge, sacred space, and inspiration. 

Meet Your Presenters


Dr. Samantha Reap

Dr. Samantha Reap is the owner and licensed Naturopathic Doctor at Meadowlark Natural Medicine in Uptown Butte. She enjoys working with people on maintaining active wellness, those suffering from chronic diseases, and providing integrative cancer care.

Her approach to health care is moving away from the concept of “treating the dis-ease” and moving towards living whole balanced life habits by strengthening the foundation of health and supporting the body’s inherent healing ability. Revitalizing your body’s natural rhythms to restore yourself to wholeness and balance!

Melissa Wanamaker head shot.jpg

Melissa Wanamaker

Melissa is a self-proclaimed world dance nut who has spent more than 30 years exploring the traditional, sacred, folkloric and theatrical dances of the Middle and Near East, North and West Africa and its diaspora, North and East India, the Romani Trail and the Silk Road. 


Invited to share an African dance workshop with Deb Penner's FEnominal Women, she immediately recalled a quote from her first African dance workshop in the 90's. "When you feel sick or depressed, you are out of rhythm. You can use drumming and dance to heal yourself and get back into the rhythm." And "Reclaiming the Rhythm" was born.


Melissa spent a decade of her career as a performer, instructor and choreographer sharing movement arts with dancers of all ages and experience levels...from children to retirees and from beginners to world class artists.


Crediting her most significant African dance and drumming teachers, Melissa gratefully recognizes Jesse Wright, Michael McDaniel, and Montana's Marsolek family. She also credits her Master dance instructor Noemia Reis who danced with "Danse Brazil" on the world stage for 17 years before arriving in Alaska and introducing her to Afro-Brazilian dance, Orisha Dance and Capoiera. Noemia became a friend, mentor and collaborator that Melissa would like to follow into her next life.

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Monica Schwemin

As an empathic intuitive, Monica Schwemin is in touch with the universal energy and the energy of those whose paths she crosses.  Monica has a passion for helping others step into their light by healing false beliefs that are carried in the subconscious. 


She believes through knowing your soul purpose, shadow work, karmic healing, Energy Work, and Action, you are able to step into your authentic self completely.  When you step into who you fully are, then other magical doors begin to open, and you are able to be the light this world needs. 


She believes unconditional self-love to be the first step in this journey of stepping into your soul purpose.  She knows this through her own life experience of healing her own traumas and working through her own lessons and deep-diving into her own healing.  Monica believes this healing journey is never-ending which is why it is a journey,  but the places you can go on this journey are infinite and magical.  

Elsa headshot.jpeg

Elsa Janney

Elsa Janney finds it depends on the day and how she’s feeling called to identify herself, but she could be described as all of this (and more!): animal intuitive, witch, healer, wild enchantress, animal communicator. No matter what you call her, Elsa brings magic to this world by utilizing animal magic and the magic of nature. She facilitates healing for humans by shifting wounds based on animal past lives to help them actualize their human desires in this life. She witnesses healing in animals by recognizing their sovereignty and own life path (in a nutshell.) She hopes and strives to help heal the world by reconnecting us all to the opulent world Mother Nature intended us all to have. By letting fall and heal the old structure of animal human relationships we can rebuild from a place of love, grace, and alchemy that we are interconnected to all in this universe, great and small. 


Elsa has been in the wellness and Spiritual industry for 8 years. From an esthetician to yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and now spiritual jewelry designer, Akashic Records reader, light language, animal communicator and quantum healing; she steps more into her truth, power and love every day. Being surrounded by the dogs and horses, Elsa lets their wisdom guide her to her most aligned path for herself and others. 


Elsa, Ariel, Edith & Dakota of Wolf Winds will be sharing with you their magical depth of soul connection, animal communication, sovereign engagement, energy work, and Horse Medicine Leadership to engage and play in the space of reclamation of power and self. The horses and Elsa have intricate stories of being misunderstood, outcast, abused, captured, and taken from their home and have accepted their path in life with brutal compassion. They embrace their love for one another, and now share their magic, passion, medicine, and love with you. 

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Jessie Solon

Jessie is a Clarity Breathwork practitioner trained in Ubud, Bali. She began her breathwork journey in the year 2017 when she experienced a profound spiritual recognition through the introduction of conscious breathing. She started her training the following week and has since developed Visionary Breathwork where she combines the transformative potential of breath with the qualities of restorative sound frequencies. She has had the honor of leading workshops throughout several states within the U.S. as well as Ubud, Bali.


 Visionary Breathwork is a powerful practice of conscious breathing that opens a channel to altered states of consciousness, providing a foundation for personal transformation. In working with Jessie, you will learn how to cultivate an intentional relationship with your breath that will help you transform stress into freedom. Each workshop is like a love note to your subconscious; it is an invitation to illuminate your inner landscape, gain greater self-awareness, and empower you to become the sovereign author of your life experience.


Join Jessie in sacred breath to remember your brilliance and embody the love that you already are. A Visionary Breathwork ceremony will include an overview of the practice, an introductory breath session, sound healing, and voluntary group shares.

Elaine Mele headshot.JPG

Elaine Mele

Elaine has been a Physical Therapist for 25 years. Along the way, she has supplemented her education with certifications that include: Professional Yoga Therapist, 500 hour Yoga Teacher, Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pain and she is currently pursuing a Women's Health PT Certification. Pheww. No grass grows under her feet!


Elaine has a driving force for education and for making that education and experience accessible, empowering her clients along their health and wellness journey. She feels equally as strongly about accessing our inner worlds through meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork, for we cannot have complete health without it.

Yoga Practice

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Call Lauren at (406) 284-1725 for a discounted rate

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